Community It is one of the words with the most beautiful meaning, a founding value in every field of life: work, everyday life, sport.
And it is from it, from community, that our adventure starts.
We are pleased to announce the birth of our ValmAstiTrail!

This project is the result of the efforts of no less than
3 running clubs from Asti:
Vittorio Alfieri, GATEINPS and D.L.F.,
which have participated in this adventure working together in order to achieve the same goal: to share with as many people as possible the passion which links us up with the wood of our town, the green lung of Asti: about 2000 hectares of steep uphill and downhill courses, spectacular singletracks, breathtaking sprints and countless trails, which are now permanent thanks to the bikers of the association Sensa Fren, who have been riding around since the beginning of the Nineties, keeping the old trails tidy and opening new ones year after year.
Their more than twenty years’ experience will support us in the organization of the sports events in the Valmanera Woods.

:The meeting place will be the shelter house Rifugio Valmanera, where the Sponsor Village will spring up and the concert and the numerous extra sports activities will take place.

All runs will depart from here and end here, and in the yard a refreshment and buffet service will be set up by another association which will partner with us in this adventure: Valmanera Viva.The setting of all runs will be the area of the majestic Valmanera Woods, a Site of Community Importance (SCI): you will get through the fascinating WWF Oasis, a small wooded area (10 hectares) where the Centre of Environmental Education “Villa Paolina” is situated. You will also walk on the famous Sands of Asti, rich in Pliocene fossils, a reminder of the shallow sea and the subtropical climate of the Po Plain.


How:ValmAstiTrail will be planned in 2 lengths: 21 kms for those who love long distance running and 8 kms for those who love speed running.Those who love walking can join in a 6 km evening guided Nordic Walking and free walking, lit by headlamps.In the afternoon there will be plenty of events for the very young ones.


: The approaching summer will allow us to enjoy the longer days typical of the fine season and to fully take part in the event, which will take place from the early afternoon till late at night.
So, here is all the information you may need! You only have to knuckle down and train. See you on Saturday, May 30 2020!