The Vat8 is a path on a path that runs through part of the Valmanera Natural Park.
It starts towards Bricco Giberto and after a first stretch of asphalt, turning right to continue on a dirt road, which through a climb in the woods, with some stretches of good slope, comes to the path of "Panoramica", then a short and comfortable road section takes us to the first checkpoint.
From there, continuing to the left for the beautiful singletrack, of the "Cresta del Bersaglio", a undulating path, which leads to the descent of the "Giasera" where we find the first refreshment.
Turn right where a short stretch of asphalt leads to the climb of the "Tabellone", along the beautiful path between the chestnut trees "Ceppo" and arrive at the second checkpoint.
Through a quick dive and the steep climb of the "Tasso" you reach the church of Sant'Andrea, second refreshment.
At the bottom of the descent of "Sant'Andrea" turning right you get to the sandy path of the "Cerbiatta", go up the "Campass" and going along the "Ruiu" variant, through the "Frutteto" we reach the "Roggera", from there a few kilometers separate us from the finish line.
Passing through the vineyards of the "Tocchetta" we descend to the "Gresa" and we meet the ascent of the "Biglia", last tear, a final descent leads us to the "Rifugio Valmanera" where the arrival is.