The Vat21 is an extraordinary route, an extremely logical path that describes the Natural Park of Valmanera through the ridges that surround it.
The first 5 km is a hilly prologue that goes from Bricco Giberto to the bottom of Valmanera. Starting after crossing the ford, the ascent of the "Pratun" begins. It is demanding and with some sections of good slope, you continue on the small ridges of the "Panoramica", then for a short and comfortable road you get to the first checkpoint.
From there, continuing to the right, initially on a beautiful singletrack, we suddenly descend from "Bottiglie" to the valley floor to start from the ascent of the "Bruciata" and reach "La Cresta del Bersaglio", a undulating path that leads to the descent of the "Giasera" where we find the first refreshment.
Turn left towards the beginning of the "Sabbione" and along the road of the "Vigne" climb up a plateau from where the comfortable path of the "Bacheka", to go down in the woods, leads to the climb of the "Tabellone" and reaching the beautiful path between the chestnut trees "Ceppo", you get to the second checkpoint.
Along the way we meet the descent of the "Trombata" to get to the locality Valmaggiore, from which we go back to the "7/6/90" where a singletrack begins that furrows with sudden ups and down the woods, until the easy descent of the "Gommone" "Which in the last stretch becomes" insidious and technical "Mondial", bringing athletes to the heart of the Natural Park.
Overcome the pitfalls of this stretch, going up from the "Spogliarello", you get to the central part of the "Lo Strappo" track, from where a long singletrack leads to the difficult "Canalone" from where you swoop down, some ropes will be safe, we will find in the wildest part of the whole race.
From the bottom you take the altitude passing through the "2/6/18" and from this stretch you reach the ridge that separates the valleys along a path in a former orchard "I Ramasin", arrived at the bottom so abruptly turned left and then a short stretch to the hillside begins the descent "Castigator" in a truly impressive setting. At the end, turning left, through the climb "Mononeurone" you return to the ridge and from here a well-bridged path full of ups and downs, the "Serra", leads through an easy descent to the second restaurant, located at the "Crutin" , dwellings dug into the tufa and dating back to the eighteenth century and in use until the first post-war period.
We leave for a stretch of wide farm, where the "Sabbioni" put a strain on the physical abilities of the athletes, then walk the climb of the "Sambuco" and resume the path of the "Serra" that will take through the last checkpoint through a fast beaten and the steep rising of the "Tasso" to the little church of Sant'Andrea, last refreshment.
At the bottom of the descent of "Sant'Andrea" turning right you get to the sandy path of the "Cerbiatta", go up the "Campass" and going along the "Ruiu" variant, through the "Frutteto" we reach the "Roggera", from there a few kilometers separate us from the finish line.
Passing through the vineyards of the "Tocchetta" we descend to the "Gresa" and we meet the ascent of the "Biglia", last tear, a final descent leads us to the "Rifugio Valmanera" where the arrival is