Regulation 2019

The Amateur Sports Companies DLF, GATEINPS and VITTORIO ALFIERI in collaboration with the Polisportiva Cassa di Risparmio of Asti and the Patronage of the Municipality of Asti organize Saturday, June 1, 2019 the second edition of VALMASTITRAIL, race in semi-self-sufficiency with path in the woodland in the reserve natural of Valmanera (Site of Community Interest). The competitive race is divided into two tracks:
LONG - 21 km 800 meters D + starting at 17:15 and maximum time 4 hours. An hourly gate at km 12 is foreseen which must be reached within the maximum time of 2 hours from the start. The test is called VAT21.
SHORT - 10 km starting at 17:45. The test is called VAT8.
For both routes the start is located at the Refuge Valmanera, Località Valmanera n. 69, 14100 ASTI (AT).
At the same time there will be an event dedicated to the youngest children of 800 meters in length starting at 18.00 and a free walk to all on paths of 6.8.10 km (free walking, Nordic walking) starting at 17.00 : 45.
The 21 km test is valid for the allocation of the FIDAL Regional Champion of Trail Corto.
The event is valid as "the Italian Inter-bank / Insurance Trail Championship".
Both tests are included in the regional FIDAL and UISP calendar.
For participation in the competitive race (VAT21) are mandatory and binding:
Having reached the age of majority. (Being born in 2000 or earlier)
Copy of the membership card of the sports club to which it belongs, medical certification of suitability for the practice of competitive activity for the athletic discipline, valid at the date of the race.
The athletes registered with Foreign Federations of Athletics, affiliated to the IAAF or IPC, will have to send at the time of registration a copy of the membership card of the sports club to which they belong, valid for 2019 and medical certification of fitness for competitive practice for the Athletics discipline, valid at the date of the race.
ITALIAN AND FOREIGN CITIZENS, limited to persons aged 20 years and over, not registered for a FIDAL-affiliated company, nor for a foreign Athletics Federation affiliated to IAAF, nor for a Sports Promotion Organization (EPS) section. Athletics in order to participate in non-stadia competitive events: Road Race, Campestre, Montagna and Trail, organized under the aegis of FIDAL, must be in possession of the medical certificate of fitness for competitive activity for the Athletics, in validity course on the date of the race and the "RUNCARD". The cards can be subscribed online, or via the FIDAL website (, or directly at
For participation in the race it is necessary:
- experience of off-road races,
- absence of vertigo,
- excellent training,
- clothing suitable for weather conditions,
- it is also necessary to be able to face the best even if one remains isolated, problems of various kinds including: physical or psychological problems, gastrointestinal problems, muscle or joint pain, small wounds. It is good to be aware that the role of the Organization is not to help a runner handle these kinds of problems.
The semi-self-sufficiency is understood as the ability to be independent between two refreshment points, and this refers to safety, power and equipment, allowing it to adapt to the problems encountered or predictable such as bad weather, physical annoyances, wounds etc.
This principle implies the following rules:
- Each runner must carry all the necessary equipment (water bottle or camelbak with at least half a liter of water) for the entire duration of the race. This must be presented at the race bib and at any time, the marshals will be able to verify that the competitors have all the necessary equipment with them. The competitor has the obligation to undergo these checks, under penalty of disqualification.
- The refreshment points are supplied with drinks and food to be consumed on the spot. The organization supplies only natural water for the filling of water bottles or camelbaks. At the start of each refreshment point, runners must have the amount of water and food needed to arrive at the next refreshment point.
How to register:
Registration will close at 24:00 on Thursday 30/05/2019
It will also be possible to register on the day of the competition not later than 4.30 pm
Quota Trail Lungo
€ 15.00 until April 30th 2019
€ 20.00 until May 30th 2019
€ 25.00 on the day of the race
Quote Short Trail
€ 8.00 until May 30th 2018
€ 10.00 on the day of the race
Quota Nordik walking / non-competitive
€ 8.00 until May 30th 2018
€ 10.00 on the day of the race
The registration fee for competitive races includes:
- race bib
- assistance and refreshments along the way
- race pack
- good post-race pasta
The registration is feasible by downloading the registration form from the web page which, completed in all its parts, will be sent to the following email address: enclosing with the registration form a copy of the documentation referred to in art. 2 (participation requirements), copy of the disclaimer with legible signature (also downloadable on the website copy of the bank transfer receipt confirming the payment of the registration fee.
Terms of payment
The payment of the registration fee can be made by bank transfer indicating the following bank details:
Bank: BANCA DI ASTI registered with Vittorio Alfieri Asti Valmastitrail Sports Company
IBAN: IT62 A060 8510 3010 0000 0053 475
Reason: registration VALMASTI TRAIL 21 KM or Registration VALMASTI TRAIL 8 KM
Every subscriber to payment and sending of the requested documents, will receive an email confirming the registration and will be included in the list.
Registration will also be accepted on the day of the race at a cost of € 25.00 for the 21km and € 10.00 for the 8km by and no later than 4.30pm.
There is no refund for cancellation of the race if and when, given the weather conditions, the organization decided not to make the race. The fees paid will remain frozen and valid for the future edition.
No exchanges or sales of bibs are permitted.
In case of interruption or cancellation of the race due to weather conditions, or for any other reason independent of the Organization, no refund will be due to the participants.
The meeting is scheduled for 2:30 pm on June 1, 2019. The bib withdrawal and race package will take place in the square adjacent to the Valmanera refuge, Località Valmanera n. 69, 14100 ASTI (AT), from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm on Saturday 1 June 2019 for the 21 km test; from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm for the 10 km test and for free walking and Nordic walking.
The bib will be delivered only upon presentation of:
- an identity document and upon delivery of a copy of the medical certificate
- presentation of the required mandatory material
Competitors must present themselves in Località Valmanera n. 69 by 16:45 on Saturday 2 June. The departure times are as follows:
- 21 km long route: starting time 17:15
- Short route 8 km: departure time 17:45
Inside the "Village" area will be used the rooms used as dressing room and bag deposit.
The organization is not responsible for items left inside the bag deposit.
Art. 7 ROUTE
The path of the two distances of the VALMASTI TRAIL is classified with the blue sticker: category E (excursion itinerary, an itinerary that almost always takes place on paths or on varied terrain with signs).
In case of bad weather or impracticability of one or more paths, alternative routes are foreseen that will be presented at the pre-race briefing.
The kilometers are not marked. Competitors must strictly respect the marked race route avoiding taking shortcuts or cutting sections of the track. The removal from the official path, in addition to involving the disqualification from the order of arrival, will be at the sole risk of the competitor.
On the path will be present employees of the organization and staff of health care in constant contact with the base. Ambulances with paramedics will be stationed on departure and arrival, where a doctor will also be present. Along the route, control points will be set up, where the organization's employees will monitor the passage of the athletes and will be able to check the obligatory material. Anyone who refuses to undergo the inspection of the mandatory material will be immediately disqualified.
Competitors must behave in an environmentally friendly way, avoiding waste disposal. Anyone who will be surprised to abandon waste along the way will be disqualified from the race and will incur any penalties provided for by municipal regulations.
In case of important weather phenomena (thick fog, strong storms), the organization reserves the right to make changes, even at the last minute or during the race, in order to eliminate potential dangers or conditions of serious discomfort for the participants. Any changes will be communicated to the participants and reported by the employees. The organization also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race in the event that the weather conditions put the safety of the participants, the volunteers or the rescuers at risk.
For the Long Trail
- camelbak or bottle cage containing at least half a liter of water
- race bib, clearly visible, perhaps using the supports also used in the triathlon during the entire duration of the race
- whistle
- personal food reserves (bars or other)
- mobile phone: insert the emergency numbers of the Organization, keep the phone always on, do not mask the number and start with the battery charged
- adequate footwear. We recommend category A5.
For the Short Trail
- race bib, clearly visible, perhaps using the supports also used in the triathlon during the entire duration of the race
- Front Lamp
- Mobile phone: enter the emergency numbers of the organization, keep the phone always on, do not mask the number and start with the battery charged
The inspection of the compulsory material will be carried out when the bib number is collected. The race bib will not be given to anyone who will not show all the obligatory material to the employees. There are also surprise checks along the route.
The immediate disqualification is required, with the withdrawal of the race bib, for the following infractions:
- failure to move from a control point
- cutting of the race course
- abandonment of waste on the route
- failure to rescue a competitor in difficulty
- insults or threats to organizers or volunteers
- use of means of transport during the race
- refusal to undergo the supervision of medical personnel on the route
- refusal to submit to the inspection of the obligatory material and what is now obvious abandonment of the obligatory material required.
LONG TRAIL: The maximum time to arrive is 4 hours (before 9:15 pm on Saturday 1 June 2019). There is a "broom service" that will follow the route following the last competitor, so as to help the retired and avoid any injuries remain without assistance.
TRAIL CORTO: the maximum time to arrive at the arrival is 2h30 '(before 8:15 pm on Saturday 1 June 2019). There is a "broom service" that will follow the route following the last competitor, so as to help the retired and avoid any injuries remain without assistance.
It runs in semi-self sufficiency with the obligation of water supply of at least half a liter of water (for the Long trail). N. 3 refreshments on the route of the Long race (km 5, km 10, km 15) and n. 1 refreshment on the route of the short race.
Only the competitors with the clearly visible bib have access to the refreshment point.
Food and drink from the restaurant must be consumed on the spot; it is forbidden to drink directly from the bottles of refreshments; the waste must be thrown into the appropriate containers.
Water bottles or camelbak can only be filled with water. It is therefore advisable for competitors to bring with them the necessary amount of mineral salts to be used during the race.
At the start of each refreshment the runners will have to have the amount of water and food needed to get to the next refreshment.
Upon arrival there will be a further liquid refreshment; in addition, each participant can take advantage of a meal voucher to be used at the Organization's stand at the arrival.
Art. 15 AWARDS
The following prizes will be awarded:
ABSOLUTE: prizes in kind to the first three men and the first three women.
ABSOLUTE: prizes in kind to the first man and first woman
CATEGORIES: prizes in kind
Any other prizes may be communicated by the organization on the day of the race.
The first 5 most numerous companies and all the youngest boys will also be awarded prizes
By signing the registration form to the 1st VALMASTI TRAIL, the athlete, from now on, expressly authorizes the organization to use free images, fixed and / or moving, depicting their person and collected during the its participation. The present authorization to use one's own image must be intended for an indefinite period and without territorial limits all over the world, for use in various publications and films, including, but not limited to, promotional and / or advertising materials and made on all supports. Furthermore, the organization may transfer the rights of use provided for in this agreement to third parties, its institutional and commercial partners. Acceptance of this article is binding upon participation in the event subject to this regulation.
The voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicate the full acceptance of this regulation and any changes that may have been made. With the registration, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damages to persons and / or things caused by him or to him.
The FIDAL Regional Committee of Piedmont indexes the Regional Championship of TRAIL SHORT - Absolute, Juniors, Promises, Master A (35-49), Master B (50-64) and Master C (65 - 99) male and female, and will award the jersey regional champion to the first classified and the medal to the first 3 classified of the above mentioned categories
The organizing company will provide the following three prizes that can be combined with the category prizes to the first three men and women in the regional championship:
1. 80.00 euros
2. 60.00 euros
3. Euro 40.00
For all matters not covered, the FIDAL technical and regulation rules apply.
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