2020 registrations will open on 01 February

For the month of February the VAT 21K will be in promotion for € 10.00

 REGISTRATION FEES                             dal 01/03  
al 30/04
  dal 01/05  
al 27/05
  il 30/05  
 VAT 21 KM 15,00 € 20,00 € 25,00 €
 VAT 9 KM 8,00 € 10,00 € 12,00 €
 BOYS RACE 3,00 € 3,00 € 3,00 €

On the day of the race it will be possible to register up to one hour before departure.

Entries must be made by paying the relevant amount in one of the following ways:

Wire transfer BANCA DI ASTI intestato Società Sportiva Vittorio Alfieri Asti - Valmastitrail - IBAN IT62 A060 8510 3010 0000 0053 475

Online on the site

Registrations will be considered valid only after the payment has been made, in the case of bank transfer only after the e-mail has been sent of the Registration Form, the Disclaimer and the copy of payment to

The participation fees are not refundable under any circumstances. The enrollment unable to compete in the 2020 edition will be admitted without additional financial burden to the 2021 edition as long as the conditions for admission remain with regard to the medical certificate of competitive suitability.

Participants: Italian and foreign athletes registered for UISP affiliated companies, other EPS, FIDAL and FIDAL RunCard members, belonging to the categories Juniores, Promesse, Seniores, Seniores Master, Male and Female, for the year 2018. Participation is however subject to possession of a medical certificate of competitive fitness for the practice of Athletics (and nothing else) valid at 30 Mai 2020 . The medical certificate must be shown in original when the bib number is collected and a copy must be delivered to the organizing company. RUNCARD holders who are not resident in Italy must submit a medical certificate that conforms to the Italian model.
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